As has been reported, Olíudreifing received the Prevention Award from VÍS and the Administration of Occupational Safety and Health on 4 February, at the conference “Occupational Safety Challenges”.  The award was given to a company that had taken excellent measures preventive work and security matters, and according to the above-mentioned parties, Olíudreifing had done excellent work in that respect.

Safety and environmental issues are a priority for Olíudreifing and an ever-increasing part of the Company’s operations.  We are of course very grateful for this recognition, but we also know that this is not the final stop or end of anything.

Safety issues and preventive measures are an ongoing work that we will constantly strive to improve.  Safety issues mainly concern protecting the environment as well as the lives and health of our employees and others.  It may therefore be said that public health is at the heart of these concerns.

We have attempted, in consultation with VÍS - which from the beginning has been our insurance company - and also, in recent years, with our certification company, BSI, to revise and strengthen all our work processes and achieve a higher level of discipline in our work methods.  We also maintain very close ties and cooperation with the government institutions that our operations are governed by, such as the Administration of Occupational Safety and Health and the Environment Agency of Iceland, for we all share the same goal, i.e. to reduce the number of adverse incidents and accidents. 

Regular visits from professional bodies and audits of the activities of Olíudreifing result in the accountability and encouragement that is necessary for us to achieve better results and acquire more knowledge that will be of use in risk prevention within the Company.  The last audit performed by BSI resulted in no written notification for us, merely some indications regarding certain things that could be done better.  It is therefore clear that we will strive to maintain the same course, and if we are to be successful we must all make an effort.