Olíudreifing has 55 trucks at its disposal, with capacities of 10,000 to 41,000 litres. About half of the truck fleet is based in Reykjavík and its environs, and the other half is distributed around the country.

There has been a tendency in recent years to use fewer and bigger trucks. When the Company began operations on 1 January 1996, Olíufélagið and Olíuverzlun Íslands had a total of 125 trucks for the same task. Their number has since then been reduced to 55, in part due to the merging of the distribution networks, and also because the requirements which the trucks must meet have become stricter subsequent to the introduction of the European Directive on the transportation of hazardous cargo, which has resulted in increased expense.  The response to this has included a reduction in the number of trucks and more efficient use thereof.