No unauthorised people may access the oil depot on Örfirisey.
The security guard uses a monitoring system to keep a record of all people who pass through the gates of the depot, so at all times there is a complete overview of the people present at the depot. Only such vehicles that arrive in connection with legitimate business at the depot shall be admitted into it. The depot managers issue cards for the vehicles that are authorised for regular entrance into the depot.

The crews of ships and their regular service providers are authorised for access to the depot when the relevant ship is docked at Eyjargarður.

Captains of ships that arrive at Eyjargarður shall send a crew list to the security guard, along with a list of people they expect to arrive during their stopover at the pier, their business and the number plates of the cars, should it be necessary for them to drive to the ship. The access list must have been received no later than 1 hour before the ship arrives, at

Other people who have business at the depot, irrespective of whether they are the employees of Skeljungur hf., Olíudreifing ehf. or other companies, shall report to the security guard and give the reasons why they are there, and the relevant depot manager or his/her proxy shall authorise access before they are admitted. Guests shall leave their vehicles outside the fence, unless there is a particular reason not to do so, and the relevant depot manager or his/her proxy shall authorise this. Before the relevant person is admitted, the security guard shall note their name, company, reason for coming and the time of access in the depot's access management system. If a guest is not familiar with the environment, the depot manager or his/her proxy shall come and collect the relevant person at the security guard's station.

If there is no security guard at the gate, no people who are not authorised for regular access may be admitted into the depot.

The maximum allowed driving speed at the depot is 25 km/hour, and the number and location of vehicles shall always be arranged in such manner that it is always readily accessible to ambulances and fire engines.

While a ship is docked at Eyjargarður, it must be able to depart at short notice and therefore it is not permitted that the ship's engine is not ready for operation, and ships shall depart from the pier after having taken on oil. The delivery equipment is located at the middle of the quay wall. Ships shall dock at the pier with the side with the oil nozzle facing it, relative to the location of the delivery equipment.

It is not permitted to do work at the pier that is unrelated to the taking of fuel, such as the repairs of nets, and loading of food supplies, replacement of crew members and visits shall not take place at Eyjargarður, except with the express permission of the depot manager or his/her proxy.

If any people who have been granted access to the depot do not abide by the rules that apply at the depot with regard to general conduct and security, or do not follow instructions directed to them by the depot staff, their access shall be restricted without delay. If violations are committed repeatedly, the relevant person shall be completely excluded from having access to the depot.

Approved by the Örfirisey security committee on 13 February 2013

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