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The word equality means that all employees should receive equal treatment irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, age or place of residence.  The purpose of the special plan is primarily to ensure that everyone's talents and skills are put to good use. But in order for the plan to serve its purpose, measurable and timed goals or an action plans must be put in place. 

Olíudreifing’s equality plan focuses primarily on gender equality in the spirit of Act no. 96/2000 on the Equal Status and Equal Rights of Women and Men.  It is worth mentioning that only about 9% of Olíudreifing's employees are women, thereof two women of foreign origin.   If it turns out that there is a gender bias, it is necessary to intervene and find ways to correct the status of the person who is at a disadvantage.

Olíudreifing's equality plan is presented to all employees in the Employee Handbook, which is updated annually and accessible to all, including on the Company's website.  All new employees are also given a special presentation on the company's basic policies, including the gender equality policy.

Olíudreifing’s first equality plan entered into force in autumn 2004, so the special emphasis on equality has been part of Olíudreifing’s operations for 15 years. The equality plan and special action plan are updated and reviewed regularly. The Managing Director is always ultimately responsible for the equality plan, but entrusts managers or other employees with specific tasks or work components.  Olíudreifing's equality plan is part of the Company's human resources policy. 

Part 1

The gender ratios of employees

Olíudreifing is a male-dominated workplace. Over the years, the vast majority of employees have been men, even though for many years, the focus has been on increasing the number of women. The staff list is reviewed annually and the division of employees by gender is calculated - as a whole and within each area of work.  The proportion of employees of foreign origin is also calculated.  As there is a significant deficit of women in almost all areas of work, except in the office, the guiding principle in hiring is to correct the gender imbalance.  If equally competent individuals apply for an advertised job, the person of the disadvantaged gender should be hired.

The working areas or groups that have to be examined are

  • - Directors.
  • - Department, station and project managers.
  • - Craftsmen.
  • - Drivers.
  • - Office staff.
  • - Other employees

Part 2
Advertising of job openings

Job advertisements from Olíudreifing state that the advertised job is suitable for both women and men, in the spirit of the Gender Equality Act.   It is not permitted, when advertising a job opening, to state that the employer prefers one gender over another.  The exception to this is if Olíudreifing wants to increase gender equality in individual positions. In that case it is both preferable and permitted to encourage applicants of a specific gender to apply to the job.  In such cases, the advertisement must state that the aim is to increase gender equality.  

Part 3
Wages, benefits and career advancement

The Act stipulates that the genders must have equal pay and receive the same wages for equally valuable and comparable jobs. Companies such as Olíudreifing are also obliged to receive formal equal pay certification. The work and review processes that take place within the company in the certification process are very useful and provide a good overview of the remuneration and benefits of employees according to various factors, including gender. Olíudreifing strives to provide equal opportunities for all employees to pursue vocational training, continuous learning and retraining. For example, the genders should have the same opportunities for promotions, status changes and work facilities.

An annual review must be conducted on all benefits to ensure that there is no gender-based discrimination of employees.  Benefits include access to work facilities or equipment for personal use, computer connections in employees’ homes, bonus payments, mobile phones, laptop computers and other things that can be considered benefits and additional income. 

Part 4
Harassment and violence

All Olíudreifing employees must be aware that gender-based violence, gender-based harassment and sexual harassment are never acceptable.  This includes sexual behaviour that is unfair and/or offensive and unwelcome by the recipient. Harassment or violence specifically directed at one gender. Employees should not never accept sexual harassment, which can take many forms, e.g. verbal or with gestures.  Sexual harassment affects the self-esteem of the victim or victims and is continued despite clear statements that the behaviour is not with the approval of the victim.   Managers must ensure that employees are not subjected to harassment or violence, e.g. by sending out a clear message that such behaviour is not tolerated and will be addressed.  Managers are responsible for ensuring that sexual harassment, gender-based violence or gender-based harassment does not occur within Olíudreifing.  If issues like this arise, they will be handled according to a particular process.  Managers use the help of professionals and offer both the victim and the perpetrator outside help. 

Part 5
Allocation of responsibilities - working groups and committees

When employees are divided into working groups, such groups should preferably reflect the gender ratios of the staff.  This ratio should also be considered during elections for or nominations to positions on behalf of Olíudreifing.  As stated in the introduction, the gender ratio in the company is very unequal.  This is partly because of the operations, where most jobs have traditionally been held by men, and partly because as of yet, fewer women have the necessary education to perform these jobs.  Because of this, there is still a long way to go before it will be possible to equalise the gender ratios of working groups or committees of which Olíudreifing is a member.

Part 6
Attitude surveys

All results from regular attitude surveys should be analysed by gender, if possible. However, due to the small number of women working in most areas of the company, it is not always possible to analyse these responses by gender.  Employee interviews can be used instead, as well as various other surveys conducted by Olíudreifing and relating to the internal assessment undertaken within the Company. 

The factors considered specifically include:

  • - General terms
  • - Attitude towards the job
  • - Workload-flexible working time
  • - Access to managers
  • - Responsibility at work
  • - Access to assistance or guidance
  • - Facilities-working environment, is it suitable for both genders?
  • - Other.

Part 7
Coordination of family life and work

All work at Olíudreifing must take into account the best possible coordination of employees’ family life and work.  In the general labour market, an increasing focus is placed on the employee's working hours being flexible, and it is considered an advantage if the employee can perform part of the work from home. However, the nature of most jobs at Olíudreifing is such that this is difficult to achieve, but it is good to be aware of the possibility of increasing flexibility at work.  In the spirit of the Gender Equality Act, managers should strive to take the necessary measures to see to it that employees, both men and women, can harmonise their work and family responsibilities to the extent possible.  In the spirit of compatibility, it is worth examining and documenting specifically employee absences from work due to family responsibilities to see whether there is a relative difference between the genders.


Part 8

The Managing Director is ultimately responsible for Olíudreifing ehf.’s equality plan,  but can entrust individual employees with the task of composing it and following up on it.  The equality plan can be seen as Olíudreifing's declaration of intent in gender equality matters.  The Managing Director must sign the plan, together with one employee, and follow up on it. The Managing Director then presents the plan to the Board of the Company. 


Plan updated in October 2019.

on behalf of Olíudreifing ehf.


Hörður Gunnarsson

Managing Director of Olíudreifing ehf.


Gestur Guðjónsson

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