Olíudreifing's goal is for the Company to have qualified and reliable employees who will grow and strengthen along with the company. Olíudreifing ehf looks for employees who work with integrity and have the required knowledge, conscientiousness and experience, but also welcomes young people who are ready to take on challenging tasks for the Company.  Olíudreifing offers employees a safe working environment that operates according to strict rules, and the company is determined to always have approved tools and equipment at its disposal. Olíudreifing's goal is to provide fast and good services, focusing on the customer, while striving to comply with all environmental and safety requirements that the Company has set for itself.


1.1 Job satisfaction

Olíudreifing places considerable emphasis on job satisfaction, good morale and well-being in the workplace.  Open exchanges of opinion and information sharing are encouraged.  Employees are encouraged to express themselves about the things that they believe need improving in the workplace.  Everyone has the right to be treated with respect.  Respect is the key to a harmonious workplace where the rights and consideration of employees are paramount and neither threats nor coercion are tolerated. To the extent possible, Olíudreifing tries to take into account the personal circumstances of employees.  Olíudreifing's requires all employees to show respect towards each other, both superiors and subordinates, the environment and Company properties.


1.2 -Continuous education

Olíudreifing strives to increase the skills of its employees and encourages them to use their talents in their work. Employees are offered various opportunities for training and career development, both outside and during working hours. Job development is a joint project of employees and Olíudreifing.  The educational work should result in more qualified employees and individuals.


1.3 Equality

Employees are assessed on their own merits and full equality is maintained between employees.  All jobs within Olíudreifing are available to both women and men. Employees are encouraged to familiarise themselves with Olíudreifing's equality plan, which can be found on the company's website,  www.odr.is


1.4 Sexual harassment

Olíudreifing does not tolerate any forms of sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment includes e.g. unwanted sexual propositions, sexual jokes, sexual insults and indecent proposals.


1.5 Bullying

Bullying can take many forms and people are not always aware that they are participants, as it can often began as innocent teasing. The victims of bullying suffer of course, and everyone is encouraged to report immediately if they believe they are the victim of such violence or if they witness others being subjected to it.  Bullying is not tolerated at Olíudreifing, as it is a form of violence and a punishable offence.

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