Olíudreifing complies with the laws and regulations that apply to the company's operations and aims to be a model in all aspects of operations, whether in terms of efficiency, equality, quality, environment, safety or health.


The safety of human lives comes first. Our aim is to ensure a safe and healthy workplace that prevents illness and accidents.


Environmental protection is a key component of the Company’s operations. Proper management of natural resources, ecosystems, vegetation and pollution prevention should be integrated with all aspects of operations.


The quality of service and work should be such that customers can always depend on receiving expected services in an economic manner.


Confidentiality and security in the handling of sensitive information is a key factor and high-quality operational and information security is essential for the Company’s operation and services.


Equality must always be ensured when determining wages so that all employees are paid the same wages for the same work and work of equal value for the Company.


Olíudreifing intends to achieve the above goals by:


  • fyrirtækisins.Systematically examining the state of quality, safety, confidentiality, equality, health and environmental issues within the Company.


  • Adopting and maintaining the methods and procedures required by the Company’s management system in accordance with the ISO 900 quality, ISO 14001 environmental, 450001 health and security, ISO 27001 information security, ÍST 85 equal pay and ISM safety management standards.


  • Educating and training staff in a systematic manner.


  • Ensuring appropriate employee involvement and feedback in decision-making concerning employee safety and health.


  • Providing information to stakeholders.


  • Working on continuous improvement of working methods and policies


  • Meeting the requirements that authorities, customers, international oil companies and other parties make to the company.


As success largely depends on the positive attitude of employees, it is necessary to ensure that all employees are aware of the company's strategy and goal setting.




Reykjavík,15. October 2019 



Hörður Gunnarsson


Managing Director 



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