Environment, health and safety is always at the heart of operations.


Due to the nature of Olíudreifing ehf's operations, environmental and safety issues are integrated into all aspects of the Company's operations, whether it is the handling, storage or transport of fuel, or maintenance and new construction at depots, petrol stations or at the facilities of our parent companies' customers.  Strict rules are also followed regarding the operation and maintenance of the Company's fleet.

The Company has developed descriptions of the work processes that are most important in ensuring safety and can cause the most damage. The main emphasis, of course, is on protecting life, limbs and health, closely followed by respect for the environment, as nature is what we build everything on and will do for the foreseeable future. It is therefore Olíudreifing's policy not to leave the environment in a worse condition than when received it. The procedures and their descriptions are reviewed regularly in accordance with the standards they are meant to comply with. They are subsequently renewed or fine-tuned as considered necessary at each time.

Another important aspect of operations is a responsible and effective response to any accidents that may occur. Olíudreifing ehf has established contingency plans to respond to foreseeable accidents that can occur in the course of operations.  Employees are trained in responding to accidents according to a contingency plan. Accident response equipment has been purchased and staff trained in its use.

Olíudreifing's Safety Committee oversees these issues, but every single employee is a key player in ensuring smooth operations.


The members of Olíudreifing’s Safety Committee are:



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